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Sunt Leones Heritage is the original brand of Andrzej Bargiel, which was created as a natural development of the Hic Sunt Leones project, as part of which we want to create limited editions of designer utility items that will be created in accordance with the athlete’s philosophy.

Hic Sunt Leones (Latin, lit. ‘here are lions’) refers to the Latin expression used to mark unknown areas. This is a unique ski project, the originator of which is Andrzej Bargiel – a three-time Polish champion in ski mountaineering, the world record holder for the Elbrus Race, the first man ever to ski from the K2 summit. Inspired by his extreme sporting experiences, he decided to free the stereotype of a “martyr” climber and use his experience to organize mountain expeditions independently.

The Hic Sunt Leones project is primarily aimed at skiing from the highest peaks of the Earth and showing that skiing is possible even on the Roof of the World. The project has a clear ecological aspect, it is made to draw attention to the problems of climate change and environmental pollution, the effects of which also did not bypass the highest mountains in the world – the Himalayas. At the same time, its purpose is to show the true, raw beauty of this unique region from many different perspectives. The event initiating the idea of ​​Hic Sunt Leones was the expedition “Shishapangma Ski Challenge 2013”, the first Polish ski expedition to the Himalayas, the goal of which was to reach the Sziszapangma summit in the shortest time possible (8013 m above sea level) and to ski from the very top of the mountain. To date, Andrzej Bargiel has successfully completed expeditions to: Shishapangma, Manaslu, Broad Peak, five seven-thousanders in the former USSR (Peak Pobeda, Khan Tengri, Ismoil Somoni Peak, Peak Korzhenevskaya and Lenin Peak – for which he achieved the “Snow Leopard award”, and K2.

From the beginning of the project, a unique series of utilitarian items has been created in connection with each trip, made in cooperation with people outside the world of sport: artists, fashion designers, designers. Items which are necessary during Andrzej’s mountain struggle, i.e., suit, ski, helmet, sunglasses.

Until now, individual copies of unique items have been donated by Andrzej to charity auctions, and the funds collected in this way have been donated to charity. As part of the Sunt Leones Heritage brand, we want to develop the idea of Andrzej’s cooperation with artists, and thus share the collector’s editions of the items resulting from such cooperation to a larger group of Andrzej’s fans who relate to the Hic Sunt Leones project.

The first collection under the brand is the imitated Sunt Leones Heritage ski series signed by Andrzej, inspired by the history and evolution of skiing. Andrzej’s expeditions under the Hic Sunt Leones project, as well as the roots of skiing and first mountain expeditions will be the inspiration for subsequent collections in the gallery.

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